F. R. Sarker delivers lecture and Mamun Ahamed Sharif displays images from LapTop

Professor Abdul Jabbar, former Head of the Department of Mathematics, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) was a legendary figure in popularization of Astronomy in Bangladesh. He wrote about a dozen Books on Astronomy which helped younger generations in Bangladesh to learn about this important subject. Professor Abdul Jabbar also was the 1st President of Bangladesh Astronomical Society which was formed in 1984. In recognition of his extraordinary contributions in the

Students are seen attending in the 3rd Abdul Jabbar Astronomy Workshop

fields of Astronomy, National Committee for Celebration of IYA2009 in Bangladesh arranged 3 Astronomy Workshops throughout the year. The 1st Workshop was held on 26 April to 17 May, 2nd Workshop from 3 July to 4 July and the 3rd Workshop from 23 December to 31 December, 2009. In every Workshop eminent Astronomers, Physicists and Mathematicians in Bangladesh used to deliver their lectures on a particular subject interacted with students on Questions-Answers Sessions. Sky Observation Programmes also were held. Each student would be given a Certificate and

Dr. A. K. Khan delivers his lecture on the importance of studying Astronomy

successful contestants on Astronomy Quiz were given Astronomy related Books as Prizes. The 3rd Abdul Jabbar Astronomy Workshop which was held from 23 December to 31 December is considered as the most important Astronomical event as it was the concluding event of Celebration of International Year of Astronomy in Bangladesh. The Workshop began with a Power Point Presentation on the “Celebration of IYA2009 in Bangladesh“ by F. R. Sarker, General Secretary, Bangladesh Astronomical Society and the Single Point of Contact for IYA2009 in Bangladesh. Among

F. R. Sarker is conducting Power Point Presentation on IYA2009 in Bangladesh

the guest of speakers in different days, were Mr. Ronald Cruz, the Secretary, Bangladesh Astro-Olympiad, who spoke on “Participation in Astro-Olympiad in Tehran in October“, Dr. Rezaur Rahman, former Scientific Officer of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission spoke on the “Life in the Universe”, Professor Dr. Arshad Momen, Department of Physics, University of Dhaka, on the “Mathematical Cosmology“, Munir Hasan, Secretary, Math Olympiad in Bangladesh and also Secretary, IYA2009 Celebration Committee, Bangladesh, on the“ Life and Death of the

Dr. A.R. Khan replies to the questions asked by the students at Workshop

Stars“, Dr. Farseem M. Mohammedy, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) on the“ Fate of the Universe“ and Dr. A. R. Khan, President, Bangladesh Astronomical Society on the “Importance on the Research of Astronomy “ etc. On 31 December, during the closing session of Abdul Jabbar Astronomy Workshop, among those who delivered their lectures were Dr. A. R. Khan, F. R. Sarker, Dr. Farseem and M. Mohammedy etc. Students were given Certificates and successful contestants

Dr. A. R. Khan gives a book as a prize to a student. From left , Dr. Farseem M.Mohammady, F. R. Sarker and Mamun Ahamed Sharif

in the Astronomy Quiz were given Books a Prizes. At the end of the Workshop, Dr. A. R. Khan delivered his concluding lecture declaring good-bye to the International Year of Astronomy 2009.







On student is taking a book as a Prize from Dr. A. R. Khan. Dr. Farseem M. Mohammady and F.R. Sarker are seen at left and rigt side