Dr. A. R. Khan, President, Bangladesh Astronomical Society, delivers lecture on the 40th Anniversary of Landing on the Moon at Barrister Jamir Uddin Sircar Institute

The 40th Anniversary of Landing on the Moon was celebrated in Bangladesh which was organized by Bangladesh Astronomical Society (BAS) at Panchagarh, a small town , lies about 400km northwest of Dhaka .. Every year, Bangladesh Astronomical Society celebrates the Anniversary of “Landing on the Moon“ in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh but this year it was organized at Panchagar, The reason is the Total Solar Eclipse on 22 July was the historic Solar Eclipse in Bangladesh as its duration of Totality was about 4 minutes and there will be no Total Solar Eclipse observed over Bangladesh until 2114 . As the Center Line

Students attend the Celebration sitting on the benches flooded by rain water at the ground of Barrister Jamir Uddin Sircar Institute

of this Eclipse crossed over the outskirts of Panchagarh town, it became the focal point of attraction where thousands of space enthusiasts from around the country started converging and it to observe the Eclipse. which prompted Bangladesh Astronomical Society to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Landing on the Moon at Panchagarh facilitating students to participate in two historic events almost in same time. There were 4 Seminars on the Landing on the Moon at Panchagarh. The First Seminar was held at Barrister Jamiruddin Sircar Institute on the morning of 20 July at 11am. Although the school ground was flooded by heavy rainfall, hundreds

Water Rocket Launch at Barrister Jamir Uddin Sircar Institute

of students were waiting there to see the rare images and video clips on the historical moments during the Apollo-11 Moon mission. At first a brief lecture was held where Dr. A. R. Khan, Presidents of BAS, Mr. F. R. Sarker, General Secretary of BAS and a Science Teachers of the Institution had delivered lectures. Mr. M. A. Sharif, Office Secretary of BAS described the moments translated in Bengali language that have been scene in Apollo-11 video. Students of different classes, Teachers, local Journalists, Newsmen, Social Personalities and Guardians of the students were present in the Seminar. The lecture was followed by pictures presentation and

Students converge to see the Launching of Water Rockets at Barrister Jamir Uddin Sircar Institute

video show on the Apollo-11 mission from the beginning to end of the history. Then Water Rockets were launched in the school ground which gave a totally new excitements to the participants and a primary idea about the Rocket Science and Space Exploration. The Second Seminar took place at M. R. Govt. College at 12.30 pm and hundreds of students enjoyed the whole program being stayed silently in auditorium enjoying brief discussion on Apollo Moon Mission including its Images, Videos and Questions-Answers Session. The Third Seminar was held at B. P. Govt. High School (the famous boys' school in Pachagarh town) on 2.15 pm.

Principal of M.R. College delivers lecture about the Landing on the Moon. Seated by his side are Dr. A. R. Khan and Mr. F. R. Sarker

Here also hundreds of Students including Teachers were very much amazed to see all the events that had been conducted on the Moon landing. In B. P. High School Water Rocket launch was the greatest excitement to the students and they were running after the falling rockets to pick up very fast. The Fourth Seminar of 40th Anniversary of Landing on the Moon was held on , 21 July at Govt. Women College in Panchagarh, a renowned female education center in the town. A huge number of female students attended the seminar and all were excited to see the historical events of Apollo-11 Mission sitting very closely to the screen. So, the program had to

Students of M.R. College are enjoying the Video of Apollo-11 Mission

conduct in two sessions due to the overflow participation of female enthusiasts than the program hall's capacity. Besides the pictures presentation and video show, a model of Apollo-11 and Saturn-V Rocket, collected from NASA's Johnson Space Center, was demonstrated about its different activities part by part in front the attendants. Even with the launching sound of Saturn-V, the Lunar Module separation, landing on the Moon Surface (Moon surface made by plastic materials) and then the dummy 3 astronomers in capsule when return to Earth. Mr. M. A. Sharif had described the pictures and the translated the video description in

F.R.Sarker, General Secretary, Bangladesh Astronomical Society is replying Questions of the students at B.P. School

Bengali language to make them understand easily about the mission and demonstrated the Apollo-11 model. Participants asked lots of questions about the Apollo-11 Lunar mission and its different facts, Mr. F R Sarker, General Secretary of BAS replied all the answers about it. By viewing the video of Apollo-11 Mission and other related documents, people who had never believed that Man could ever land on the Moon, they turned to believe that Man had really landed on the surface of the Moon. .It may be mentioned over here that, this was the first time people of Panchagarh had seen the real video on Apollo-11 mission. The two day long celebration of

Students of B.P. School are attending the Celebration

40th Anniversary of Landing on the Moon was coordinated by M. A. Sharif, Office Secretary of BAS and Mr. Mehedi Hasan Babla, Secretary of Panchagrah Branch of BAS.







Mamun Ahamed Sharif, Office Secretary of Bangladesh Astronomical Society narrates the Video on Apollo-11 at B.P. School


Water Rocket Launch at the premises of B.P.School


Students of B.P. School converge the site of Water Rocket Launch


AHM Hasnur Rashid Khan, Lecturer of Economics, delivers his lecture at Panchagarh Women College


Dr. A. R. Khan, President, Bangladesh Astronomical Society, delivers lecture on the 40th Anniversary of Landing on the Moon at Barrister Jamir Uddin Sircar Institute