Speakers are seen seated on the dais during the Seminar

Bangladesh Astronomical Society arranged a Seminar to celebrate the 41st Anniversary of Landing on the Moon by Astronauts of Apollo-11 Mission which was held in the Auditorium of Mirpur Bangla School and College, Mirpur, Dhaka on 20 July . On 16 July , 1969, NASA launched Saturn V Rocket from Kennedy Space Center which carried on board Neil Armstrong as Mission Commander, Edwin Aldrin as Lunar Module Commander and Michael Collins as Command Module Commander. On July

Mr.Shib Ranjan Duttam Science Teacher of Mirpur Bangla School & College is delivering Lecture

20, Lunar Module touched down on the Moon and at 20h 17m GMT , Neil Armstrong stepped down on the surface of the Moon and he emphatically declared A small step for a man , a great leap for mankind . After a few minutes, Edwin Aldrin also stepped down on the surface of the Moon. They stayed on the Moon for about 2 hours 36 minutes to hoist American Flag , collect about 22 Kgs of lunar rocks and to carry out scientific experiments. Then on 24 July, Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins splashed down on the South Pacific Ocean to be rescued by the US

Dr. Farseem Mohammedy, Professor of Electronics and Electrical Engineering of BUET is explaining the evolution of the Universe

Navy crew . The then U.S. President, Richard Nixon congratulated them aboard a Navy Ship Hornet stationed near the splashdown site. From 1969 to 1972, NASA launched 7 Apollo Manned Missions to the Moon out which Astronauts of Apollo-13 Mission had to come back to Earth due to problem in oxygen tank. But 6 Missions with 12 Astronauts had landed on the Moon. It may be mentioned here that Dr. Warnher von Braun, a German Rocket Engineer had developed the Saturn V Rocket which helped to land Men on the Moon and to carry them back to Earth successfully. Among the

Dr. Jinnahtul Islam, a former Chief Scientific Officer of SPARRSO is speaking about Remote Sensing Technology

speakers who had delivered their lectures in the Seminar ,were Dr. Ali Asgar, the President of Bangladesh Physical Society, Dr. Jinnahtul Islam, Professor of Remote Sensing Department, Standford University, Dr. Farseem Mihammedy, Professor of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Mr. Badruddin Howlader, Principal Mirpur Bangla School and College, Mr. Shibranjan Dutta, Science Teacher of the School, and Mr. F. R. Sarker, General Secretary, Bangladesh Astronomical Society. Mr. Sarker gave a Power Point presentation and displayed a Video Show on Apollo-11 Mission.

Dr.Ali Asgar,President , Bangladesh Physical Society is explaining implication of Space Exploration

He also replied to various questions on Apollo Mission as asked by the Students.







Mr. Badar Uddin Howlader, the Principal, Mirpur Bangla School and College is delivering his Lecture


Mr. F. R. Sarker, General Secretary, Bangladesh Astronomical Society is presenting history of Apollo Mission


A girl srudent is asking question how Men will live on the Moon under airless condition


View of the Seminar from the rear side