Mr. F.R.Sarker, SPoC Bangladesh for IYA2009 delivering his lectures

The two-week run First Abdul Jabbar Astronomy Workshop has ended up at Jamil Sawar Trust Auditorium on 13 May, 2009 a Workshop on Astronomy through a Certificate and Award giving ceremony. On an initiative of the Celebration Committee of International Year of Astronomy 2009, Bangladesh, this workshop was started on 26 April and each Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the week the class had been held

Mr. Munir Hasan, Secretary of IYA2009 Bangladesh Committee, expressing his plan about the calebration program

from 5 to 7 pm. It was the first session among the scheduled three sessions, different eminent Astronomer, Scientists, Doctorates, Fellows and University Professors had given their lectures during the workshop. To introduce the real Astronomy and Space Science to the young learners and provide an opportunity to practice on this arena the Celebration Committee of IYA2009, Bangladesh had taken this initiative. Commemorating the extraordinary role of Eminent Astronomer Abdul Jabbar

Dr. Farseem, coordinator and facilitator of the WS briefing the students about course outline

on Astronomy in Bangladesh, the workshop is named as “Abdul Jabbar Astronomy Workshop”.

The last class was delivered by Mr. Ronald Cruz, a renowned physics teacher of Greenherald School and an active astro-enthusiast. He is also the SPoC of the Astro-Olympiad. He talked about the deep sky, focusing on far away objects, e.g. Nebulae, Quasars and high Redshift Galaxies.

This was also the day for closing of the

A Class on Solar System and ExoPlanets

workshop. IMr. Munir Hasan. Secretary, IYA Celebration Committee, Bangladesh was also present in the occassion. He exchanged views with the participants about the pros and cons of the WS. Later he along with Mr. Ronald Cruz and Dr. Farseem Mohammedy, the WS coordinator, distributed certificates among the participants. There were special prizes for the winners of the quizzes, group-discussion and other activities. It was decided that soon there will another WS of such kind in near future to

The Participants of the Worskshop

accomodate the large number of people who weren't able to participate in the First Abdul Jabbar Astronomy Workshop. Also there will be some one-day workshops on specific problems regarding Astronomy and Cosmology to meet the enthusiasm of the participants.

The previous lectures were as; Astronomy in Bangladesh: Inperspective of IYA 2009 by F. R. Sarker, All about the Stars by Dr. Mofizuddin Ahmed, The Solar System

A class on Sky Observation was held during the WS

and the Exoplanets by F R Sarkar, Cosmology by Prof. Ali Asgar, Particles and The Cosmos by Dr. Arshad Momen, Life in the Universe by Dr. Rezaur Rahman, Fate of the Universe by Dr. Farseem M. Mohammedy. During the workshop a class was held on Sky Observation, all the participants were provided with DVDs contained the Videos and Presentations of the Fellows and Books as educational contents, the total number of participants was 55.


A retired professor taking Certificate who had also joined the WS with the students due to enthusiasm


Group Photo at Closing session