From Left Dr. Rezaur Rahman (President), Mr. F. R. Sarker (Vice President) and Dr. Farseem M. Mohammedy (Joint Secretary) of BAS are observing Blue Moon during the Camp

Bangladesh Astronomical Society (BAS) organized a camp titled ‘Super Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse Observation 2018’ on 31 January at Purbachal of Dhaka. This event was given the opportunity to have an uninterrupted observation of the total lunar eclipse going to take place the very day where thousands of enthusiasts people participated it.

From many aspects, this eclipse was a very rare one. It’s been 150 years since an astronomical event like this where the Blue moon (Second full moon of

Photo Session During the Camp

the month), Super moon (bigger than the typically observed moon) and a total lunar eclipse take place simultaneously occurred.

However, It was a bad luck, despite  heavy preparation, we  could not see this rare celestial spectacle. We had  arranged  Observation Camp in a darker place  of  Purbachal  at the outskirt of east of Dhaka  city where our camp  continued from  5pm to  9pm. From 5.45pm  we  tried to  see the  Moon  but  it was not visible.  About   7pm   the Moon like a crescent  was  dimly  visible for a few minutes   after that it  was vanished away.  Around  8-30pm Moon was

A kid is seen to observe the moon through Telescope where a volunteer of BAS is helping him

again started   to be visible but too  hazy and it continued till the End of the Eclipse.

According to the members, Bangladesh Astronomical Society’s goal is to involve the general people with astronomy on this rare astronomical event. Bigganchinta and Society for the Popularization of Science, Bangladesh is cooperated the event. 





Peoples are maintaining line










A partial view of the Enthusiasts people who came to join the Camp of BAS