Guests are seated on dais in the Celebration of Bandura holy Cross High School

United Nations has declared 2009 as the ‘International Year of Astronomy'. Bangladesh including 136 countries around the world has started celebration of this historic event from 1 st January 2009 . As a part of this Programme, Bandura Holy Cross High School of Nawabganj, Dhaka in collaboration of National Committee for Celebration of IYA-2009, Bangladesh , arranged a colourful function in the school premises on 15 April, 2009 . The Programme started at about 9.30am and ended at 1.30pm

Mr.FR Sarker, SPoC for Bangladesh, is delivering his lecture

which was attended by about 1500 students including teachers and astronomy enthusiasts. Among the events were Water Rocket Launch, Video Show, Space Arts, Space Quiz, Question-Answer session etc. Students were excited to see the Water Rocket Launch and Space Video Show events as they had never seen it before. Among those who delivered their lectures were Brother Chandan Benedict Gomes, the Head Master of

Left-Liza Farnandez, middle-F R Sarker and right-Brother Chandan Benedict Gomez (Head master of the School)

Bandura Holy Cross High School, F.R. Sarker, General Secretary, Bangladesh Astronomical Society and the SPoC for IYA-2009 in Bangladesh, Engr. Enamul Haque, former director of Water Development Board, Syed

Golam Kibria, Scientific Officer of Bangladesh Institute of Strategic Studies, Christina Liza Fernandez, Secretary , Nawabgang Upazila Branch of Bangladesh Astronomical Society, Habibur Rahman Khan Pannu,

Front view of the Students and Teachers in the pandel

Chairman, Noyonsree Union Council,

and Mr. Dipu, Director, Amader Pathchokra, Mahid Imran Jitu, Space enthusiast etc. The speakers explained the objectives of the Celebration of International Year of Astronomy and emphasized the need for study of

Astronomy and Space Science. They also told that within a few years Man will build up permanent settlement on the surface of the Moon and Mars and the lifestyles will be dominated by space technologies and its applications.


Water Rocket Launching


Astro Videos were shown in the event


An Astro-Art Competition was held for the junior students to Celebrate the IYA-09.