In Space Education Working Group Meeting , Mr. F. R. Sarker is seen seated in front row and hearing the Lecture .

F. R. Sarker , an eminent Astronomer and the General Secretary of Bangladesh Astronomical Society attended 21st Session of Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF-21). This year the Main Event of APRSAF-21 was held from 2nd December to 5th December at the National Museum of Emeging Sceince and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyo, Japan.

Since 2006 Mr. Sarker is regularly participating this event as a active member of Space Education Working Group SE WG.

F.R. Sarker is seen to deliver his lecture during APRSAF-21 Working Group Session

Main organizer of APRSAF is Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). This year APRSAF was run by the theme of "Leap to the Next Stage: Delivering Innovative Ideas and Solutions"

A receiption organized at Miraikan on Wednesday evening, 3 December 2014 to welcome the participants of the APRSAF-21.

Mr. F. R. Sarker has presented a Video and a Power Point Presentation on "Celebration of World Space Week-2014" which was held on

Mr. Eijiro Hirohama, Co-Chairperson of APRSAF is delivering Welcome Speech

18th October, 2014 in Mohakash Bhaban, Enayetpur, Bangladesh"

APRSAF currently organizes four working groups: Earth Observation (EO), Communication Satellite Applications (CSA), Space Education Working Group (SE WG), and Space Environment Utilization (SEU), to share information about the activities and the future plans of each country and region in the respective areas. APRSAF also supports the establishment of international projects as solutions for common issues such as disasters and

In Photo Session of APRSAF-21, F. R. Sarker is seen seated in front row 5th from Left wearing Blue Suite.

environmental protection so that the participating parties can realize cooperation.


Before Main Event of APRSAF-21, 10th APRSAF Water Rocket Event and Educators Workshop was held at Nihon University, Funabashi Campus, Japan, on 30th November to 1st December. Where 72 students, 31 Educators and 17 Observers from 17 Countries had participated. Since 2007 Bangladesh has been regurlarly participating in APRSAF WRE. This year 4 Students, 2 Educators and 1 observer participated from Bangladesh. Mr. Wahiduzzam Wahid and Mr. M.I.Reza as Educator, Mr. Faisal Mostafa Hashem as observer and Fardeem Munir, Saad Bin Hasan Siyam, Monon Mahmood and Imtiaz Ahmed as Student had participated at APRSAF Water Rocket Event and Workshop in Japan.

During Photo Session of Space Education Working Group, F. R. Sarker is seen in front row, 4th from right.










A Partial view of the Participants of SE WG









F. R. Sarker is seen to discuss with a Australian delegates









F. R. Sarker attending APRSAF-21 SE WG









Earth Projection inside Miraikan









Mr. Wahiduzzaman Wahid (Teacher), Monon Mahmood and Siyam (Student) are seen to attending Inauguration of APRSAF-21 WRE










During Educator Session Mr. M.I. Reza is delivering presentation on the Water Rocket Activities in Bangladesh










A Partial view of the Educators Session









Student from different Countries are making Water Rocket









Bangladeshi Participants Monon Mahmood Making Water Rocket









Bangladeshi Participants Siyam is Launching Water Rocket During the competition









Students from Bangladesh with Water Rocket









All Participants from Bangladesh with the Banner of APRSAF-21 WRE