Mr. F. R. Sarker is receiving APRSAF Award

F. R. Sarker , an eminent Astronomer and the General Secretary of Bangladesh Astronomical Society was given prestigious APRSAF Award during the session of APRSAF-20 which was held in Hotel Melia, Hanoi , Vietnam, on 5 December, 2013. Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) www.aprsaf.org is the biggest Space Forum in the world which arranges Annual Sessions in which Delegates from about 32 countries including United Nations, JAXA, NASA, ESA and other Space related organization take

Mr. Sarker attends SPACE EDUCATION and AWARENESS WORKING GROUP Session of APRSAF-20 in Hanoi, Vietnam

part and exchange their views on Space Activities and Programmes. This is the first time that the Organising Committee of APRSAF has selected 3 persons among the Member Countries to offer them APRSAF Award for their exceptional contributions in the fields of Space activities and Mr. Sarker is one of them. The other two recipients of this Award are Dr. Suvit Vibulsreth, former Director-General of Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development (GISTDA) , Thailand and Dr. Doan Minh Chung, Director, Space Technology Institute (STI)), Vietnam. F. R. Sarker is a Member of APRSAF Space Education and Awareness Working

APRSAF-20 Seminar at Hotel Melia, Hanoi, Vietnam

Group and he has been regularly attending it since 2006. In January, 2011, he had organized APRSAF Space Education Seminar in Dhaka and in his village at Enayetpur in joint collaboration with JAXA and UNESCO. He has set up Mohakash Bhaban a Space Museum, at Enayetpur and for the last 10 years, he has been regularly celebrating World Space Week over there making Enayetpur as the leading Space Village in the world. F. R. Sarker is the First person in

F.R. Sarker is attending Plenary Session of APRSAF-20, Hanoi, Vietnam

Bangladesh to participate in a Zero-Gravity Flight from Las Vegas, USA on 24 May, 2008 and he had arranged a Meeting between the Astronomers of India and Bangladesh in the Border near Tetulia, on 21 July , 2009.  

Although Bangladesh is not a Member of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space (UN.COPUOS), Vienna, Austria, but Mr. Sarker has attended UN.COPUOS in 2004, 2005 and 2007, as a Delegate from World Space Week Association based in Houston, USA.

A Partial view of Participants attending Plenary Session in APRSAF-20, Hanoi, Vietnam