A mother is looking to the Galileoscope with great surprise

Bangladesh Astronomical Society arranged the Celebration of Galilean Night on 24 October, 2009 in the lawn of Mohakash Bhaban, Enayetpur, Bangladesh. About 200 students and teachers from different Schools of the locality including a large numbers of space enthusiasts had participated in it. Students were supplied 20 Galileoscopes brought from Tokyo, Japan, through which they had observed the surface of the Moon which was fairly visible due to cloudless sky and early lunar phase

A student is eagerly awaiting his turn to use Galileoscope

condition. One Refractor Telescope was also set up at the observation site through which students observed the surface of the moon very clearly. Students were excited to use the Galileoscopes for observation of the Moon which were first time in their life and many insisted for arrangement of such kind of Sky Observational Programmes in future. The Galilean Night at Enayetpur was observed in a very festive mood. It continued for 2 hours from 19.30 to 21.30. It was conducted by F. R. Sarker, General Secretary, Bangladesh

Banner of Galilean Night was hung at Mohakash Bhaban

Astronomical Society and the Chair of Bangladesh Node for International Year of Astronomy and was assisted by Wahiduzzaman Wahid, Principal, ICL School, Enayetpur. F. R. Sarker explained the objectives of the celebration of Galilean Night and answered various questions of the students and space enthusiasts. During the time of Observation, Jupiter, the biggest planet of Solar System was hovering on the mid-southwest position of the sky and the participants were very amazed to observe this spectacular planet. Celebration of

Celebration of Galilean Night with Galileoscopes

Galilean Nights at Enayetpur was a memorable event and it encouraged students and space enthusiasts to turn their eyes to sky to explore the mysteries of the universe.






Galileoscopes pointed are towards the Moon


Mohakash Bhaban, the Space Museum ,at Enayetpur, Bangladesh


Sky Observation with Banner of Galilean Night


Space enthusiasts look at the sky with Galileoscope


Students are looking through Refractor Telescope to see the surface of the Moon clearly


Students are observing the Moon through Galleoscopes