UNOOSA is located in the Vienna International Centre, Austria

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) - that works to bring the benefits of space to all - has selected Bangladesh as the partner-country to jointly celebrate World Space Week (WSW) 2011.

Since 2003, Bangladesh Astronomical Society (BAS) has been regularly celebrating (WSW) - that was declared by the United Nations and is aimed at creating space awareness among the young people around the world. This week is coordinated by the United Nations with the support of World Space Week

Mohakash Bhaban, Enayetpur

Association and local coordinatiors in many countries. It is an international celebration of science and technology, and their contribution to the betterment of the human condition.

Presently, WSW is the most important space event which is annually held from - 4 to 10 October and celebrated in countries all over the world. During the last 8 years, Bangladesh Astronomical Society has been demonstrating participation of highest numbers of space enthusiasts in their celebration of WSW_for which UNOOSA has been pleased to celebrate WSW_2011 in Bangladesh

Map Of Bangladesh

with the Bangladesh Astronomical Society.

This year, UNOOSA, UNESCO and BAS will jointly organize a Capacity Building Workshop on Astronomy during the celebration of the WSW. The prime objective of this Workshop is to incorporate Astronomy in the Curriculum in Secondary Schools level in Bangladesh. The workshop will be held from 3 to– 5 October - in the Mohakash Bhaban, (Space House)- Enayetpur, known as the - Space Village in the world – which lies about 85 miles northwest of Dhaka . Dr. Robert Hill, Director of North Ireland Space Office and Dr. Sarah Roberts, Director of Education, Faulkes Telescope Project, UK, will conduct the workshop. They will offer training on astronomy with state of the art educational system to secondary-level teachers

Dr. Robert Hill, Director of North Ireland Space Office

selected from all over Bangladesh. Subsequently, these teachers will impart training to local science teachers enabling them to teach astronomy to secondary school students when astronomy is incorporated in their curriculum.

One of the fascinating features of this workshop is that participants will be able to observe Objects of Night Sky over the Screens of their Laptops live from the Faulkes Robotic Telescopes situated in Hawaii and Australia.

It may be mentioned here that this Capacity Building Workshop on Astronomy at Enayetpur with facility for obtaining live data from Robotic Telescopes in Hawaii and Australia - will be the first of its kind in Bangladesh and perhaps in the Indian Subcontinent.

Dr. Sarah Roberts, Director of Education, Faulkes Telescope Project, UK.

Minister of Education and Minister of Science and ICT , Government of Bangladesh along with top Government Officials, Educationists, Scientists, Astronomers etc. are expected to attend this Workshop.

World Space Week is celebrated all over Bangladesh but its  main  event is held at  Enayetpur. With UNOOSA and  UNESCO's cooperation this year - students, teachers and space enthusiasts  of  the  locality are very  excited and  happy. Brisk preparations are going-on  and  it  is  expected  that the Celebration of World Space Week -2011 at  Enayetpur will be more spectacular and memorable.




Space Rally on the Street of Enayetpur


WSW Concluding Session in front of Mohakash Bhaban


Space Art Contest inside Mohakash Bhaban


Water Rocket is falling on Jamuna river after launch during celebration of WSW


Kid Astronauts with Space Suits pose on the Stage to Celebrate WSW


Sky Observation Event with Galilean Telescope in Mohakash Bhaban


Kids are enjoying flight of Space Shuttle in the lawn of Mohakash Bhaban


Space Kits are on display inside Mohakash Bhaban


Meeting inside Mohakash Bhaban Conference Hall


Apollo Astronaut Model at a corner of Mohakash Bhaban to take picture