Street Rally starting from "Balur Math"

World Space Week is a Programme of the United Nations, celebrated annually between 4 and 10 October aimed at creating Space Awareness among the School Students around the World ( It is coordinated by World Space Week Association based in Houston, USA (

Since 2003, Bangladesh Astronomical Society has been regularly celebrating the

Space Art Contest inside the Lawn of Mohakash Bhaban

World Space Week in Bangladesh and since 2004 its main Event is held at Enayetpur, Sirajganj a village which lies about 80 miles northwest of Dhaka. “Celebration of World Space Week-2018” was held on Wednesday, 6 October at the premises of Mohakash Bhaban, Enayetpur. WSW-2018 was the completion of 14th Anniversary of Celebration of World Space Week at Enayetpur.


Mr. Krishanaraj Adhikary from Nepar delivering his lecture

At 10:00 a Spectacular Street Rally starting from North of Balur Math paraded over the streets of Enayetpur and converged in the venue of the Concluding Session. Students and Teachers wearing Caps, Badges and holding Placards of World Space Week – 2018 in their hands, chanted slogans. At

10:30 – 11:15 Space Art Contest was held in the lawn of Mohakash Bhaban in which lots of student from different took part and drew pictures on their imagination about Unites The World”.

Nepal team honoring Mr. F R Sarker during the Concluding Session

The concluding session of the WSW-2018 was held in the premises of Mohakash Bhaban in which about 2,000 students with teachers and Space enthusiasts had taken part. The programme continued from 11:00 to 02:30 .

The Concluding Session was made with lots of events like Space Debate, Space Lecture, Space Quiz and Space Dance in which students took part and felt them happy.


A Rear view of the Participants

A delegation consists of 12 members led by Mr. Krishna Raj Adhikary, Chairman of Nepal Scientific Activities and Research Centre (NESARC) , Kathmandu , attend Celebration of World Space Week-2018 on 6th October. They were astonished to see such a huge numbers of participants in different events of this celebration.

There was another interesting event in which 6 Kids dressed with uniform of Space Shuttle Astronauts, paraded on the Stage for a few minutes so

Kids Astronauts Parade

nicely that audience burst into laughers for their excellent performances. At the end, successful contestants were awarded Prizes.

Among those who delivered their lectures in the Concluding Session were, Prof. Dr. Hossain Reza, the Vice Chancellor of Khwaja Yunus Ali University; Mr. F.R. Sarker, Vice-President of Bangladesh Astronomical Society and National Coordinator in Bangladesh for World Space Week Association; Ms. Tahmina Sardar, Teacher of Burroughs High

Space Dance

School of Ridgecrest, California, USA; , Hasina Rahman Sarker; Mr. Krishna Raj Adhikary, Chairman of Nepal Scientific Activities and Research Centre (NESARC), Kathmandu; Prof. Nilufar Chowdhury of Pabna Edward College, Mr. AFM Hassan, Education Officer of Pekua Upazilla, Cox’s Bazar; Mr. Abdul Kader, Head Master of Enayetpur High School; Mr. Aktaruzzaman, Principal of Betil Multipurpose High School and College; Mr. Abdul Matin, Senior Teacher of Enayetpur High School; Space Enthusiast Mr. Saidul

Prize distribution ceremony

Islam and others.