Since its inception, Bangladesh Astronomical Society has been playing an important role in popularizing the subject of Astronomy and Space Science among the people of Bangladesh and the success achieved so far is quite spectacular. The Society has arranged lots of Seminars, Meetings on different topics and occasions of Astronomy including Sky Observation camps to lure the people looking their eyes towards the sky.The Halley’s Comet Observation Programme during its apparition in 1985-86, Astronomy Education Programme in 1987, Total Solar Eclipse Observation Programme in October,1995, Leonid Shower Observation Programme in November, 1999 were a few examples in which thousands of Astronomy enthusiasts had participated to enjoy those celestial spectacles. In fact, these programmes were extremely effective for inculcation of knowledge of Astronomy among our people. During the time of Total Solar Eclipse Observation Program on October 24, 1995, in south plaza of the National Parliament building, Dhaka, about 30,000 Astronomy enthusiasts converged into the observation spot and police had to take drastic action to disperse the mob and to save the lives of the organizers from their hands. It is an example how crazy the people of Bangladesh have become to demonstrate their interest towards Astronomy. Presently, articles on Astronomy and Space Science get major coverages in every Newspaper and Magazine in Bangladesh apparently a section of readers want to read these articles to satiate their zeal. One of the spectacular achievements of the Society was the establishment of a major Planetarium in Dhaka. Since 1986, the Bangladesh Astronomical Society had been persuading to the Government for establishment of this project which eventually got approval and funding in 1996 and construction started in 200.The US.$.22 million gigantic Planetarium Project, the costliest of its kind in southeast Asia, is expected to be commissioned at end of 2003.