People are enjoying Video on Solar Eclipse

On 1st August, 2008 Bangladesh Astronomical Society (BAS) and the National Museum of Science and Technology (NMST) jointly organized a Solar Eclipse Observation Camp on the roof of NMST building. It was a Total Solar Eclipse which started from Canada ,

Display of Astronomical Posters

traversed over the North Atlantic, Greenland, Arctic, Central Russia and ended up at China . From Bangladesh this Eclipse was observed partially. In Dhaka the Moon touched the Sun at 4.45 pm and released from the Sun at 5.50 pm, the Greatest Eclipse occurred at 5.30 pm and it

Just before Solar Eclipse

covered about 60% area of the Sun. Thousands of enthusiastic people started to gather at the premises of Science Museum at 3.30 pm. Bangladesh Astronomical Society arranged a Video Show in the Ground Hall of NMST in which a few Solar Eclipses of 2006 and 2007 were shown.

Enthusiasts are enjoying Solar Eclipse

NMST arranged a display of Posters and Books on Astronomy and Space Science there. The main observation arrangement was set on the roof of Science Museum and Bangladesh Astronomical Society distributed some Solar Filters to the viewers to observe the Solar Eclipse. The

A kid is observing Solar Eclipse

Astronomers, Students, Journalists and ordinary peoples who were present there enjoyed every moment of the Eclipse and some of them snapped this celestial phenomenon in their cameras. It was an exciting moment and some students and people asked several questions about it. Eminent Astronomer Dr. A. R. Khan, President of BAS, Mr. F. R. Sarker, General Secretary of BAS and the First Zero Gravity Flyer of Bangladesh, Mr. Sukallyan Bachchar, Asst. Curator of NMST, Mizanur Rahman - Chief Artist, Masudur Rahman - Gallery Asst. and Shah Alam - Gallery Attendant of the Science Museum were present in this Solar Observation Camp. This Partial Solar Eclipse of 1 st August, 2008 was observed from almost all parts of Bangladesh and both of the News Papers and TV Channels highlighted this event prominently.

These Images of Partial Solar Eclipse observed in Bangladesh on 1 August, 2008, were photographed by Naimul Islam Apu, a Member of Bangladesh Astronomical Society