Space Art Contest inside Space Gallery compound of Mohakash Bhavan

World Space Week is a Programme of the United Nations aimed at creating Space Awareness among the School Students which is celebrated annually in October and being participated by about 50 countries around the world Since 2003, Bangladesh has been participating in this Celebration and the main event of this Programme is held at Enayetpur. This year, the Celebration of World Space Week

Water Rocket launched over the Lake

was held at Enayetpur on 12 and 13 October in a spectacular dimension. On the morning of 12 October, Space Art Contest was held within the compound of Space Art Gallery of Mohakash Bhavan, at noon , Water Rocket , Air Rocket and Balloon Rocket Contests were held at Lake side near Balur Math and in the evening a Sky Observation Camp was arranged by Science Museum , Dhaka on the spar over river Jamuna which is flowing by the eastern side

Students enjoying the Launching of Balloon Rockets.

of the village. Students participated in their respective Contests and at the evening were thrilled to observe the surface of the Moon clearly through the 12 Inches diameter Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope .

On the morning of 13 October, thousands of Students from 26 Schools and 1 College of different areas of Bangladesh brought out a colourful Rally wearing Badges and Caps and hoisting Banners, Posters and Rocket Models in their hands.

Rally with Banners, Posters and Rocket Models on the street of Enayetpur

They started from Balur Math strolled the street of Enayetpur and assembled at the premises of Mohakash Bhavan. There the students participated in Space Dance, Space Narrations, Space Quiz, Space Debate etc. Science Museum also arranged a Space Quiz and offered Prize Bonds to successful Contestants. Then the Teachers and Guests delivered their lectures and the Celebration ended at 3pm after distribution of Prizes, mainly the books on Astronomy and Space Science to the successful Contestants.

Space Dance by School Students

The main attraction of the Celebration was the tumultuous reception offered to F. R. Sarker, the General Secretary of Bangladesh Astronomical Society, National Coordinator of WSWA and the First Zero Gravity Flyer in Bangladesh . He attended the Meeting wearing his uniform of Zero Gravity Flight and described his experience in Zero Gravity simulation during his Flight on 24 May , 2008 from Las Vegas , USA . He also replied various

A partial view of WSW Meeting at the premises of Mohakash Bhavan, Enayetpur

questions asked by the students about Zero Gravity Flight. F. R. Sarker explained the necessity for Space Education and Research and emphasised that Space is going to be the most vital arena for employment and business in near future.

Among those who delivered their lectures in the Meeting were Dr. Rezaur Rahman, former Chief Scientific Officer of Atomic Energy Commission and the Honourable Member of Bangladesh Astronomical

Speakers are seated at the Dais of the Meeting

Society, Ibrahim Khalullah Nabi, Coordinator of Bangladesh Math Olympiad Committee, Prof. Lokendra Nath Ghose, Principal , Khamargram College, Abdul Matin, Senior Teacher, Enayetpur High School, Masudur Rahman, an official of Science Museum, Saidul Islam, Space Enthusiast , A. F. M. Hasan, Upazilla Education Officer, Gaibandha, and Wahiduzzaman Wahid, the Principal, ICL School and the Secretary of Local Organising Committee for the Celebration of World Space Week .