A Bill Board located at cross road of Enayetpur showing pictures of celebration of WSW from 2004 to 2008

Amid unique spontaneity and enthusiasm, the World Space Week-2009, was celebrated at Enayetpur, the Space Village of Bangladesh, on 9-10 October, 2009. The theme for WSW-2009 was “Space for Education”. About 24 Schools of the locality with 3,000 students, teachers and space enthusiasts had participated in it. On 9 October, there were contests for Space Arts, Air Rockets, Balloon Rockets which were held in the lawn of Mohakash Bhaban (Space House) and the Water Rocket Contest was held on the spur of river Jamuna. On the evening, a

Space Art Contest in the lawn of Mohakash Bhaban

huge fire-works show was arranged on the rooftop of Mohakash Bhaban to welcome the 10th Anniversary of World Space Week. It was followed by a cultural show in which students and teachers sang a number of Bengali songs. On the 10th October, at 11.30 a big Space Rally with thousands of students hoisting in their hands the placards of WSW-2009 set out from Balur Math and reached in front to Mohakash Bhaban premises, the venue of the Celebration. 10 kids holding Model of Saturn-V Rockets in their hands strolled on the street in front of the Rally. The main ceremony of WSW-2009 began at 12.00 and ended at 17.00 in the premises of Mohakash

Students are drawing Space Art

Bhaban. Among the events were, Space Debate, Space Dance, Space Drama, Comics, Lectures of the Teachers, Students, Space Quiz etc. But the most spectacular of all was the Kid Astronauts Parade in which 5 kids wearing Space Suits of Space Shuttle Astrononauts paraded on the stage showing their eagerness to become Astronauts. Successful contestants of Space Quiz were given envelop with Cash Prize of Tk. 100 each. Finally, Prizes with Cerificates were distributed to the students who succeeded in their respective contests. Among those who delivered their lectures were F. R. Sarker, General Secretary, Bangladesh Astronomical Society and National

Air Rocket Contest

Coordinator of World Space Week in Bangladesh, Munir Hasan, General Secretary, Bangladesh Math Olympiad and Editor, Biggyan Projonmo, The Daily Prothom Alo, Dr. Farseem M. Mohammady, leading Astronomy Writer and Assistant Professor of Electronics Department, Bangladesh University of Technology, Asif, President, Discussion Project, Mamun Ahamed Sharif, Office Secretary, Bangladesh Astronomical Society and Space Writer, Dr. Khurshid Alam, former Professor Soil, Water and Environment, University of Dhaka, Dr. Sirajul Islam, former Professor of Economics, University of Rajshahi, Lokendra Nath Ghose,

Water Rocket is falling on Jamuna river after launch.

Principal, Khamargram College, Md. Saidur Rahman, Head Master, Shohagpur Pilot Girls High School, Ahmed Mustafa Khan Bacchu, Secretary, Kisholoy Kindergarten School, Saidul Islam, Space Enthusiast, Wahiduzzaman Wahid, Principal , ICL School and the Coordinator of World Space Week Celebration at Enayetpur.

The Following Schools Participated in The Celebration of World Space Week- 2009 At Enayetpur:

1. Enayetpur Islamia High School – Enayetpur 2. ICL School – Enayetpur 3. Azgara Multipurpose High School – Azgara 4. Alimuddin-Osmangani High School – Randhunibari 5. Provakor

Water Rocket is seen moving upward after Launch

Biddya Niketon – Tamai 6. Success Kindergarten - Subarna Sara 7. Sun Rise Kindergarten – Azgara 8. Shishu Nikunjo – Boyrabari 9. Shapla Kindergarten – Gaibandha 10. Success Ideal Kindergarten – Enayetpur 11. Kisholoya Kindergarten – Enayetpur 12. Khamargram College – Khamargram 13. Baridhara Scholars Institution – Dhaka 14. Shobujkanan Academy - Boura 15. Genius Laboratory School and College - Shernagar 16. Kushtia Islamia College – Kushtia 17. Cantonment Public School & College - Rangpur 18. Meherunnesa Girls High School - Enayetpur 19. Kabatunnesa Kindergarten -

Celebration of WSW-2009 with Fire Works on the rooftop of Mohakash Bhaban

Enayetpur 20. Khukni Kindergarten - Khukni 21. Adarsha Shishu Niketon - Khukni 22. S. K. Pilot High School - Shohagpur 23. Pilot Girls High School – Shohagpur 24. Rupnai-Gopalpur Adarsha Shishu Academy – Rupnai




Kids stand with Models of Saturn-V Rocket before start of Space Rally









A view of the Space Rally strolling on the street of Enayetpur on October 10









A colourful Gate with fabrics and bamboos was set up near the Mohakash Bhaban










A view of Participants









A student is delivering lecture on space topic









Speakers on the dais








Mothers are accompanying their Astronaut Kids to the dais









Kid Astronauts with Space Suits pose at the dais










‘World Space Week-2009' celebrated with due respect at Kalihati College in

A view of the students participated in WSW-09 Seminar_Kalihati.KCT

Bangladesh last 10th October-2009. Principal, Vice-principal and other teachers of this College played an important role in this regard. A seminar about the formation and the current situation of space was held in the College-Hall-Room at 12.15 p.m. All the students are participated spontaneously in it. Mr. A.B.M Mustafizur Rahman, vice-principal of this College presided over the seminar. At beginning a thankful speech was delivered by Md. Zohurul Haque, head of the dept. of physics. The main article was red out by Hasina Begum, head of the dept. of zoology. After this Mr. Badal Mahmud (head of the dept. of

A.B.M Mustafizur Rahman, Vice-Principal of Kalihati College, delivering his lecture._KCT

Bengali), Md. Ali Hassan (lecturer in physics) and Mr. Zillur Rahman (head of the dept. of Library and information) took part in an elaborate discussion on the article. Mr. Hasan Ali Sarkar, head of the dept. of Geography and environment coordinated the function. In the second session feature-film on space and video-clips to the victory of the moon areshown. In this regard technical support was provided by Mr. Ashraf Hossain Mollah (head of the dept. of computer operation and Mr. Md. MahmudAlam Talukdar (teacher of thesamedept.). At the ending period the president said in his lecture that to earn knowledge about space every educational institution have to arrange same programs. He declared the ending of the function giving thanks and wishing strong determination for arranging such type of function in times to come.


Ali Hasan, Lecturer of Physics Dept._describing about the WSW celebration.KCT


Badol Mahmud, Head of Bangla Dept._briefing about the Space.KCT


Computer Operator_Ashraf Hossain and Mahmud Alam


Hasina Begum, Head of Zoology Dept._reading the main article of the Seminar.KCT


Hasan Ali Sarkar, head of Geography and environment Dept.KCT


Students and Teachers attended the Seminar on WSW-2009 at Kalihati College.KCT


Zillur Rahman_Dept. Hear_Lybrary Science.KCT


Zohurul Haque, head of Physics Dept.KCT


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