The Inaugural Ceremony of World Space Week – 2010 was held in the FREPD Auditorium, Dhaka on the afternoon of 4 October. It was attended by a large number of students and space enthusiasts. Among the speakers ,who delivered their Lectures were Dr. A. R. Khan , the President of Bangladesh Astronomical Society, Dr. Mofiz Uddin , former Head of the Department of Physics, University of Dhaka, Dr. Rezaur Rahman , former Chief Scientific Officer of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Farseem M. Mohammedy, Associate


Professor of Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering , Bangladesh University of Engneering Technology, Mr. Munir Hasan, President, Science Popularization Society, Bangladesh, Mr. Shahjahan Mridha, President Anusandhitsu Chokro Astronomy Department and Mr. F. R. Sarker, General Secretary , Bangladesh Astronomical Society and the National Coordinator in Bangladesh for World Space Week Association .

The speakers spoke about the needs for Space Education and Awareness in Bangladesh and urged upon the government to allow facilities to the students to study Space Science . They thanked the World Space Week Association


for organizing this Space Celebration around the world which has created great impact on the younger generations towards studies of Space Science . They also highly appreciated the Celebration of World Space Week in Bangladesh particularly at Enayetpur where thousands of students ,teachers and space enthusiasts annually congregate to celebrate this Event focusing Bangladesh as one of the leading Space loving nations in the world.

At the end of the Meeting, Opening of the Cover of the Book, ‘ Ekush Shotoker Jyotirbigyan “ “ Astronomy in the 21st Century “ written by prominent Astronomers in Bangladesh in commemoration of Celeberation


of International Year of Astronomy was held. This book contains various articles on Astronomy including details of Events of the Celebration of IYA2009 conducted by Bangladesh Astronomical Society throughout the year of 2009.

The main Event of Celebration of World Space Week was held at Enayetpur on 6 and 7 October.

On the mornimg of 6 October , the Space Art Contest was held in the lawn of Mohakash Bhaban in which about 215 students from 14 Schools in the locality had participated. This year the theme of the Space Art was “Space Technology to Help the Earth “ .


The Space Art Contest was one of the spectacular events in which younger students drew their drawings sitting on jute spread over the grassy ground with great enthusiasm. At the end , a few kids wearing special dress entertained them with spectacular Space Dance.

In the noon, the Water Rocket Launch Contest was held in the bank of river Jamuna. 26 selected Students from 13 Schools took part in the Contest. Lots of students and space enthusiasts enjoyed the Water Rocket Launch standing in different sides of the spur. Vendors with locally made 4 wheeled store set up nearby the Water Rocket


Launch site to sell nuts, fries, cakes, water and soft drinks and other rural foods to the students. A few local boys helped to pick up Rockets from the water and muddy bank of river Jamuna.

From the evening of 6 October heavy rains started pouring due to formation of severe Cyclone over the Bay of Bengal. On 7 October, due to incessant rain and windy weather the Space Rally , Space Quizz, Lectures and all other programmes were cancelled. This year, highest numbers if participants were expected but due to unabated heavy pouring of rains the main programmes


were marred. However, a few hundred students came to attend the functions which was arranged in the Conference Room of Mohakash Bhaban.

Among those who delivered their lectures in the function, were Dr. A. R. Khan, the Preseident , Bangladesh Astronomical Society, Dr. K. Alam. former Professor of Soil Science , University of Dhaka, AFM Hasan, Education Officer, Gaibanda, Prof. M.A. Kader, Gaibanda College, Abu Sayeed Akanda, Principal , Khwaja Yunus Ali Laboratory School and College,


Wahiduzzaman Wahid, Principal , ICL School and F. R. Sarker, General Secretary, Bangladesh AstronomicalSociety and the National Coordinator of World Space Week in Bangladesh.

Since 2003, Bangladesh Astronomocal Society has been regularly arranging Celebration of World Space Week but has never faced such type of natural calamity forcing them to cancel the programme . In fact , the organizers of WSW-2010 at Enayetpur were greatly shocked and upset for this unfortunate


incidence which refrained them to run their important programmes on 7 October. Although lots of students and teachers came to attend it despite heavy rain and thunder showers and it was partially held in the Conference Room of Mohakash Bhaban but compared to the preparations, the event was extremely meagre . Students , Teachers and Space enthusiasts in the locality remain waiting throughout the year for participation of this Celebration and its cancellation offered them unbearable shock. This year , two traditional gates were set up, the main stage was made


with special decorations and thousands of chairs were arranged for seating of the participants.

Further, one big Apollo Astronaut Model was made for the students to get their pictures through its glass made helmet to have impression that they were really look like Apollo Astronauts to land on the Moon.

The Images of World Space Week 2010 in Bangladesh both in Dhaka and Enayetpur are available in this link below: